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Palace D-Day LIVE: Hours from the end

17: 37: FYP editor JD will be on LBC Radio this afternoon/evening getting emotional and paying tribute to Palace fans.

17:25: Maxi Jazz from Faithless: "Been a Palace fan for 44 years, part of my life, can't imagine anything happening to the club." Let's hope he can now get some sleep. JOKES!

17:21: CPFC2010 statement on official Palace website:

"We can now confirm that there are no material differences between ourselves and Bank of Scotland regarding the sale of Selhurst Park. "Whilst its not 100% done we are confident that all the main barriers have been removed. "We would thank the fans for their support and urge everyone at the ground to leave peacefully as we work to try to conclude things."

17:05: Thanks for joining FYP today for these updates. There are still things to be sorted, and we're awaiting a statement from Brenda/Supporters' Trust/CPFC2010, but it looks like Palace have been saved. FYP is going to get a stiff drink but will continue to bring statements when we have them. EEAAGGLLLEESS!!!

16:46: Here's Lloyds statement:

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP has reached an agreement in principle with CPFC 2010 in relation to the sale of Selhurst Park. This enables the consortium to go ahead with the purchase of both the Crystal Palace Football Club and Selhurst Park. We have worked hard throughout this process to achieve a durable solution. We are pleased a successful conclusion has now been reached. We are also pleased that PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, which acts on behalf of Selhurst Park, has publicly acknowledged today the ongoing support it has received from the Bank.

16.44: Sky Sports News report some further 'sticking points' regarding funding for the stadium. It's definitely more positive than 9am today, but let's wait for an official line before cracking open the Cristal.

16:35: Statement from Lloyds: Agreement 'in principle' with CPFC2010. Palace fans outside Lloyds almost drowning out the Sky Sports News reporter who is reporting the deal. Still some sticking points, but it sounds like the "embarrassment clause" has been sorted.

16: 29: FYP understands the deal has been done 'in principle'. Meanwhile, Lloyds reportedly email their staff to say it's all agreed.

16: 25: Sky Sports News are reporting a DEAL HAS BEEN DONE FOR SELHURST! Still no official word.

16:24: Not quite party time yet folks. No official word from CPFC2010 or Lloyds. Expecting a statement at 4.30. Hang tight...

16: 12: Mark Bright tweets that an agreement has been made for the stadium.

16:00: Guilfoyle tells the South London Press an agreement with CPFC2010 and Simon Jordan has been reached, which sounds like SJ won't block a proposed CVA. Brenda said: "My impression is that they are there or thereabouts. I understand Lloyds are due to make a statement later this afternoon. Discussions are continuing - there are a few legal issues - but hopefully that will all get resolved this afternoon. "An agreement has been reached with Simon Jordan and Agilo have done a deal where they don't get paid in full but they are content."

15: 47: Sounds like Raj Chandarana from Crystal Palace Supporters' Trust told fans outside Lloyds that the deal was close and player sales were delayed. He had told us previously he was positive. Let's hope when anything official is announced, he's right. He seems to be in the know most times, so this is good news, peeps.

15:34: CPFC2010 asked for player sales to be suspended, meaning Darren Ambrose is staying put for now. Can only be positive.

15:28: Brendan tells Sky Sports News: 'Sale of players delayed'. 'Bank have really engaged with consortium'. Hopes to 'conclude later today'. Deal 'moving in right way'.

15:15: Brendan Guilfoyle tells the Croydon Advertiser: "Apparently they are very close to sealing a deal, significant progress has been made on the sale of the stadium."

15.10: Fans outside Lloyds still haven't heard anything despite being promised news at 3pm. Very nervous faces all round.

15:01: The deadline comes and goes and no official news. This is HORRIBLE!

14.55: Sky Sports News report Lloyds have told them talks are still ongoing but are positive. A spokesman says they don't want CPFC to go bust and are 'committed to find solution'. Below is the statement:

Lloyds Banking Group very much appreciates the importance of the Club to its loyal fans and the local community. We remain committed to seeking a durable solution. We are currently in discussions with the relevant parties and it would not be appropriate to comment further.

14:50: Ten minutes to go, folks. Palace fans in Croydon and around the world have been a credit to their club all season, and especially in the last few days. We deserve better than this!

14:40: FYP has got word that supporters outside Lloyds will be the first to know at 3pm when an announcement will be delivered on the steps to the building.

14:35: Twenty five minutes to go until Palace's fate is decided. Some positive rumours from Lloyds HQ, but still nothing definite.

14:32: David Jensen: Darren Ambrose will go to QPR at 3.01PM. Speroni is hiding in Argentina.

14:30: Raj Chandarana from Crystal Palace Supporters' Trust tells Sky: "It can be done but has to be done today. We thought the deal had been done but there are a few niggling issues. It's Palace today, tomorrow it could be anyone's club."

14:00: @Bromley Times 250 Palace fans chant 'We want our Selhurst back!' outside lloyds/rbs. One hour to decide their fate.

13.40: Gavin Barwell, MP Croydon central confirms: "Just had a reasonably positive discussion with the Head of Public Affairs at Lloyds Banking Group."

13:30: From the BromleyTimes: All very good natured here at lloyds bank hq in the city. Palace fans playing keepie-uppie with police and journalists

13.20: Less hopeful as CPFC 2010 spokesman David Jensen says Brendan Guilfoyle will need to start selling players from 3pm today. "But I remain hopeful while we are still talking," he added.

13:00: Slightly hopeful as Simon Jordan, Palace's biggest creditor, tells TalkSPORT: "If CPFC2010 stick to the plan everything will be fine". But then when has he ever told the truth?

12:30: 200 or so Palace fans march on Lloyds HQ in protest at the failed agreement between the bank and CPFC2010 over Selhurst Park.

Today is the day when Palace fans find out what will happen to their club. But that doesn't mean you have to stand back and wait, DO YOUR BIT. Sign the petition below. Email the banks, let people know how much this club means to you.


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